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Adding Your Work Email to Your Smart Phone



The wildfires in the North Bay and Outlook seem like different topics, but I’ve found them to be related due to my recent experiences of working with both my father and nephew recover from these fires. They were evacuated early on, and luckily they are fine and their homes are also, but along the way, they both experienced the difficulty of not having access to their computers.

This removed a major communication tool in their lives, especially in their work lives. Both of them still had access to personal email through their phones, but neither had ever added their work email. They didn’t know what their workplaces were communicating about coming into work, or even whether or not their workplaces still existed.

Hopefully, you haven’t been directly affected by these wildfires, but all of us should be concerned about earthquakes creating the same communication issues. The Great California ShakeOut is coming on October 19th as a reminder of the fact that we are waiting for a when not if when it comes to earthquakes.

To better prepare for an event in which your phone becomes your main link to your workplace, here are the steps to add your mailbox to your iPhone or Android Device. Continue reading Adding Your Work Email to Your Smart Phone

Forward your i.art.edu to academyart.edu


As a student facing faculty/staff member, you might now have two Office365 accounts. Strange – sort of like a two headed beast. You might not even know about your art.edu account because you’ve never used it. Unfortunately, as students start to take advantage of the great free cloud based Office 365, they have an art.edu that they are likely to use to contact you at your art.edu address. Find out how to forward your art.edu account to an e-mail account you actually check. Continue reading Forward your i.art.edu to academyart.edu

An Alternative to Outlook

Well we have been working diligently on alternatives to Outlook.  Outlook is clunky. Microsoft replaced Entourage (clunkier) with Outlook for Macs in 2011. If you can’t stand using Outlook consider giving some of Apple’s native applications a try.  Mail, Address Book, and iCal can now work directly with the Academy’s Exchange Server.  Here are some step by step directions to set it up: Continue reading An Alternative to Outlook