This page is to be used as a suggestion box of sorts. If you have a technical issue with equipment/software you should still open a help desk ticket here.

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Microsoft cloud storage – One Cloud

I’ve been experimenting with the new AAU/Microsoft cloud storage with great success. However, there’s room for many trainings, tutorials, and tips on this new tech tool. The Wiki is a start (, but without training and support, this tool could be under-used.

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Help Desk ticket photos

Would it be possible to allow photos to be submitted with Help Desk tickets? I find photos often assist in describing and clarifying technical problems.

Thanks for that request. We totally agree and have just finished testing out a replacement help desk ticket system. You’ll now find that our help desk system accepts attachments. Unfortunately, you’ll also have to take the initial step of logging in.

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Great resource!

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These tutorials will be a great resource–thanks! As a coordinator, I can link to a tutorial to answer a teacher’s question.

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Sunburst Media Software by Marsha Chan

Marsha Chan is a professional ESL teacher at Mission College. She often presents at CATESOL and TESOL. She has her own pronunciation product called “Phrase by Phrase Pronunciation”. I think this software could be good to have in our MML and might be something within our budget. She has DVDs, along with a book, but also customized educational licensing. It seems like there might be an option to purchase just the software, rather than get a subscription service. It would be interesting to find out the specifics on that.

The link to this product is here:
Her pricing is here:

Might be worth checking out.

Zaption – Video Based Learning Tool

Zaption transforms video-based learning with interactive content and tools that engage learners, deepen understanding, and track progress. Teachers, trainers and instructional designers use Zaption to quickly add images, text, and questions to existing online videos. With Zaption’s Analytics, instructors get immediate feedback on how viewers interact with content and understand key concepts.

More Info:


Camtasia – Video Based Learning Software

Camtasia was the video-making software most recommended at TESOL 2015. Do we have this access to this software at AAU?

For Scott D.

Is it possible to get a phone set up in the learning center for classroom services.
-Classroom Services Work Study Student



Something Similar for Students

Not every student knows every bit of computer maintenance or is shy about asking for help from a teacher or a fellow students. Nor can they necessarily contact Tech Support. Especially when it comes to their personal computer. Could we get an easy online access for computer specific help directed to students?

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