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Reservations Taken!

How can you get into the world’s most exclusive language labs?

It’s hard to believe but you can do it without bribes, favors or lies. We’ve decided to go more upscale in the language labs, much like an exclusive restaurant. A sign of that change is that we have moved to an online reservation system

Find out how you can now reserve a language lab slot. For reserving AV equipment, please e-mail with your equipment requirements, classroom location, and time. Continue reading Reservations Taken!

Restore an OLLy Course from Back-up

Now that you’ve all been so diligent about backing up your OLLy course, it’s time to learn how to restore your new section of the course that you’ve been designated this semester.  By the way, check the tutorial on how to back-up if you haven’t backed up before.  It’s not too late, as you’ll find that the earlier section of your course is still accessible after you log in. You’ll find it at the bottom of your courses page.  It will be grayed out, because it’s no longer accessible to students. Continue reading Restore an OLLy Course from Back-up