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The Writing Lab

In the Writing Lab, a student meets one-on-one with a tutor to work on a writing assignment. Writing Lab tutors are instructors. Tutors teach students composing, organizing, and editing skills. Tutors will NOT re-write or proofread writing assignments.


writing lab photo
Work with a tutor in the Writing Lab



79 New Montgomery, 3rd floor




To use the on campus Writing Lab, follow these steps:

1. Schedule an appointment online from the ARC Writing Lab homepage.

2. Arrive in the Writing Lab on time for your appointment.




—Students can make appointments with the Lab 2 times a week.


—Students may drop in at the Lab as often as they wish.


—Students are encouraged to visit the Lab with projects that include the instructor's comments.


Please note:

Students who are 10 minutes late will lose their appointment if another student is waiting to drop in.


Students with 2 "no shows" in a semester can't make appointments for the rest of that semester but can try to get a drop in tutoring session.


Appointments can't be canceled on the day of the scheduled appointment.


Appointments can be made online up to 7 days in advance
but no less than 2 hours in advance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Writing Lab:

What can I do in the Writing Lab?
• Writing Lab tutors are instructors.
• A student meets one-on-one with a tutor.
• Tutors help students with composing, organizing, and editing skills.
• Tutors will not re-write or proofread writing assignments.
• Tutors work with students on developing strategies to recognize their own errors.

How long are the Writing Lab meetings?

• Appointments are up to 50 minutes long.


Can I cancel or miss an appointment?
• If you need to, you should cancel your appointment online at least 1 day before your scheduled appointment.

• You may not cancel appointments on the same day as the appointment.
• Phone cancellations are not accepted.

• If you arrive 10 minutes or more late, you will lose your appointment.

• If you miss 2 appointments without canceling them, you will be prohibited from making appointments in the Writing Lab for the rest of the semester.


Can I use the Writing Lab without an appointment?
• Yes. You can drop in to the Writing Lab and see if there is tutor who is available to help you as often as you like.

• Look in the Lab to see if a tutor is not busy. If the tutor is not with a student, ask if you can drop in.

• Drop in appointments are not guaranteed. It's better to make an appointment online.

How do I schedule an appointment in the Writing Lab?
• Follow the instructions from the Writing Lab hompage:
ARC Writing Lab home page

(found at>COURSEWORK SUPPORT>Academy Resource Center>


Where is the Writing Lab?
• The Writing Lab is on the 3rd floor of 79 New Montgomery.

• When you make your appointment, please note which tutor you will be meeting with.

How many times can I use the Writing Lab?
• You can make an appointment at the Writing Lab
2 times
a week.
• You may drop in to the Writing Lab as often as you wish.

Do I have to pay money to use the Writing Lab?
•No. The Writing Lab is free for students currently enrolled at the Academy of Art University.

What should I take to a Writing Lab appointment?

• Bring your writing project.

• Bring a description of your assignment if you have it and any revisions or brainstorming you have done.

What is the Online Writing Lab (OWL)?
•For more information about the OWL, go to the ARC Online Writing Lab home page
(found at:>COURSEWORK SUPPORT>Academy Resource Center>WRTING


*Note: The Writing Lab is closed during all school holidays and breaks, including intersession.