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ESL Support

The ESL Department sends language support teachers to art and design classes at the Academy. These teachers make sure students understand critiques and class content, as well as offer study groups if needed.


An ESL support teacher meets with students


ESL support is currently available to students who meet the following requirements:


• Are currently enrolled in one of the following classes: EAP 1/601, EAP 2/602, EAP 3/603, EAP 4/604, EAP 605,
EAP 606, LA 103 or LA 106




• Have taken one or more of these classes in the past semester at AAU.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about ESL Support:


What is the best way to get ESL help in my classes?
• Enroll in an ESL-designated section of the class. When you register, you should look for classes with “ESL” in the title.


• A support teacher will attend your class, take notes, help you with your English during the class, and offer study groups.


What if there are no ESL-supported classes?
What if all of the ESL sections are already full?

• If you cannot find an ESL-designated class when you register, your advisor may contact the ESL Support Program to request that an additional section of a class be supported—or will help you to find a different class which is already supported.


What should I do if I am in a class without ESL support, and I have trouble understanding the teacher?
• Attend the first or second class and give it a chance.


• Talk to your teacher after class and tell him or her that you need ESL support.


How can I contact the ESL Department for ESL Support questions? Whom do I talk to?
• Just call Bob McDonald, ESL Director, at (415) 618-3852; leave a message if he is not in.



• The ESL Support Program and all of the other great Support Services which are available through the ARC are free of charge:


Multi-Media Labs

• There are two multi-media language labs at 180 New Montgomery St., 2nd floor, complete with a networked audio system, 40 computer workstations and laser printer.


• A variety of software and CD programs for computer-assisted language learning are available.


• Although the labs are used primarily by ESL and language classes, the Woolf Lab is available for word processing to students during open access hours.

—Call Alex Hosmer , MM Lab Coordinator, (415) 618-3791 for more information.


Speaking Lab

• The Speaking Lab, which is located at 79 NM, 3rd floor, provides one-on-one tutoring and small-group conversation practice to help students improve their presentation, speaking and pronunciation, and listening skills.


Writing Lab

• The Writing Lab, located at 79 NM, 3rd floor, offers tutoring to all students (domestic and international) who want to improve their writing skills.