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Need help with your EAP course assignments?
Visit the EAP Lab!



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•What is the EAP Lab?

The EAP Lab provides one-to-one tutoring and language learning assistance to students enrolled in all EAP (English for Art Purposes) courses (ESL 1/601 – ESL 4/604, ESL 490/690, ESL 20/610) and LA 103.


•Who can visit?

The lab is only open to students enrolled in an EAP course or LA 103. Students enrolled in ESL 605 and ESL 606 can visit the lab with consent of their instructor. Students enrolled in LA 108 or higher may not attend the lab, but they can go to the Speaking Lab or the Writing Lab.


What can I get help with?
Tutors work with EAP students on their EAP course assignments and homework. The tutors do not help students with their art class coursework.


•Students may get help on the following EAP coursework areas:

Sessions with EAP Lab tutors are fifty (50) minutes long.


Where is it?

Currently the EAP Lab is located at 79 New Montgomery, 3rd floor.


When is it open?

The EAP Lab is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m.—6:00 p.m.


Who are the EAP Lab tutors?
The EAP Lab tutors are all experienced EAP teachers, mostly full-time ESL faculty.


How can I go to the EAP Lab?
Students can make an appointment through Tutor Trac or can drop in if a tutor is available.


To make EAP Lab Appointments:

• Go to: