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Welcome Students!


The EAP Department is happy to provide you with this website to support you during your studies at the Academy of Art University.


This introductory audio message will give you some info
on our EAP (English for Art Purposes) program and
EAP support.


Welcome to the EAP Department and AAU!




new student Resources for Students

Below are listed some free ARC resources which will be helpful to you during your time here at the Academy.


Writing Lab (on campus)
  • Meet with a writing tutor for 50 minutes to go over a writing assignment.
  • Speaking Lab
  • Practice presentations, pronunciation and conversation with feedback.
  • Online Writing Lab (OWL)
  • Email your writing assignment to an online writing tutor for feedback.

  • EAP Support
  • Get help with notetaking, exams, readings and assignments for art classes.

    Multimedia Labs
  • Use computers to practice language skills.
  • ARC Training & Tutoring
  • All students who want services receive group tutoring.
  • eap lab icon
    EAP Lab
  • Work on EAP homework with an EAP teacher.




    coffee Topics of Interest


      Great info for ESL Students



      • Have you ever wondered what a Department Workshop is, and where you can find a schedule for all the wonderful workshops offered by the Academy of Art University every semester?

      • Find all this and more on this great page created for our EAP students!


      Drop in at Alice's Audio Restaurant!
      alice's restaurant logo


      Stop by another addition to the ESL Website, Alices's Audio Restaurant! Former EAP Instructor Alice Clay serves up tasty audio bites featuring helpful info on San Francisco, AAU, American life and many other topics as well as links to great audio websites.

      Tune in to hear these audio treats!



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